chelo_best video

I have been featured in the magazines: Sense & Style, Status, Myx Mag, Metro, and more.

From major magazines to newspapers to youth-reaching blogs, Chelo A. has been featured in many mainstream press. Here are a few to date:

“Chelo Aestrid, new multi-media phenomenon…At the recent launch of her solo album “Love, Life & D’Light”…we watched her perform songs that she herself composed. And of course she impressed us with confidence and boldness to be utterly different…“ —  Crispina Martinez-Belen, MANILA BULLETIN

“A change of guards in music is inevitable now that we have started not just a new year but a whole new decade. And who better to be the voice for Generation Z than Chelo Aestrid?”

“Chelo Aestrid’s album Love, Life and D’Light, distributed by Universal Records, consists of 23 tracks that speak about pride of being Pinoy, faith and inspiration in hip-hop, R&B, pop beats…“ —  Bot Glorioso, PHILIPPINE STAR

“Chelo Aestrid…is focusing on creating a positive mindset to the Filipino people. With her high spirit and intricate fresh sound, people of all walks of life could certainly relate to the type of message that she is casting out. Chelo Aestrid’s genre has all the ingredients of a perfect musical concoction…her album and songs will definitely place a mark on the map shouting Philippine Pride all over it.“ —  R Funk and Lil G, TF ASIA TIMES

“This? is certainly a breath of fresh air when it comes to Philippine music. FINALLY!”-samanthabiogas “This is very refreshing! I actually… like it. Finally…pop that doesn’t look or sound jologs. The words and music mesh together nicely.” -hellowondergirl “This is very refreshing! I actually… like it. Finally an attempt at something pop that doesn’t look or sound jologs. The words and music mesh together nicely.” -hellowondergirl “This awesome song, “Pinays Rise”, is by the talented Chelo Aestrid.Pinays Rise: Here’s a shout-out to all incredible Pinays (and Pinay-lovers) out there! I must say, “hot” is spelled with a P-I-N-A-Y.”-flyingjeepney —  Pop Icon 101, MUSIC IS LIFE

“’ATW’s Music Video of The Week: Chelo’s “Pinays Rise”…is much like her hairstyle, sliced in half between anthemic pop licks and catchy hip hop beats. Like two tracks mixed by a turntable master, the final mix is a seamless transition of our feet to the dancefloor. But what ties this package together is that veteran video director Treb Monteras does a remarkable job of giving this modern pinay anthem some well-deserved justice.””
—  Zig Marasigan, AT THE WOMB

” Performances with the likes of Q-York and the Philippine All-Stars, and with her fresh track from Love, Life & D’light, Chelo Aestrid stumps us all as she makes her way to the top…“ —  Petra Magno, STATUS


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