Using Your Superpower to Find Real Success

What is your superpower? We all have one. It doesn’t have to be flying or becoming invisible. It can be being good at relating to people, or designing spaces, or writing, or being organized. Whatever it is, there is a place for a superhero like you somewhere in the world. And, figuring out your superpower…

The Ultimate Key to Being a Renaissance Person

Leonardo de Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Jose Rizal, Oprah Winfrey…do any of these names sound familiar? Of course they do. But they’re not only world-renowned for their incredible accomplishments throughout their lifetimes, they are considered “polymaths” or “Renaissance Men or Women”. Many self-help experts would advise you to “focus” or concentrate on one area of expertise….

Entertainer + Entrepreneur = Entretainer

Chelo is a singer, dancer, host, writer, designer, actress, and entrepreneur. With powerful vocals, energetic dance moves, thought-provoking lyrics, funky style, and fun stage persona, she loves to thrill any crowd. Most recently, she launched her book, “ArtBiztic – The Artist’s Guide to Starting a Business.” She continues to work on other books and stories….


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