Five Tips on Being a Mom Slash Artist

Motherhood can sometimes feel like Purgatory. When you’re up for the second hour at 3am and you’re standing over your child’s crib desperately trying to get her to sleep as you try not to doze off with a headache looming…yes, it feels like Purgatory…not exactly Dante’s hell…but definitely not anyone’s definition of heaven. So, how does a new mom slash artist begin to get back to her normal life, let alone be creative? Here are five tips.

Involve Your Baby

Whatever it is you do creatively, involving your child somehow in that activity will not only do wonders for your sanity, it will also stimulate your baby’s development. For example, I used to dance professionally. So, I strap on my baby on the baby carrier, play some fun dance music, and dance with my baby until I get tired. We both have a great time and I get an aerobic workout in as well.

Enlist Some Help

Whether it’s your significant other, family, or trusted friends, letting them have some one-on-one time with your baby while you do you as an artist is beneficial for everyone involved. It might not be the hours-on-end you used to have for your art, but a few hours here and there is better than you doing nothing creatively.

Adjust to Your Baby’s Downtime

As I type this very blog, my 6-month old child is peacefully napping in another room. With the baby monitor on, I can sneak away and write while she peacefully sleeps. It might just be 30 minutes or it could be two hours, but finding these little pockets of time when she’s off in dreamland to do me is a godsend.

Prioritize Yourself Once A Week

This is easier said than done, but just because you’re a new parent, it doesn’t mean your artist life is over. No matter how busy you’ve become, after the newborn months, you’ll learn that you can leave your baby with a trusted person and you can do something for yourself, at the very least, once a week. If you make you a priority even for a few short hours, you’ll find a way to get back to your art.

Reach Out to Other Moms Slash Artists

You are not alone. Other artistic women have gone through the same problem after giving birth. And, they are all more than willing to share advice on how they got back on the figurative horse. Get insights from others and someday, you’ll be able to help a new mom out as well. For example, you may reach out to me today in the Comments section. Tell me your story, and if I can help you in some way, I will. I got your back!

I know it’s hard, mama. Just reading this blog is probably already enough free time used up for you. So, I’ll keep this short and sweet. Being creative for you is not a long-lost memory. You can be a great mom and still be an artist, too. It’s harder now, but it isn’t impossible.

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